Minneapolis Career Spotlight: Account Specialist

As businesses continue to grow and expand, they need specialized workers who focus on key aspects of business growth. One such position is that of Account Specialist.

What does an Account Specialist Do?

Account Specialists help customers who reach out to the company because they have a need the company can fill. The Account Specialist helps enroll new customers, respond to requests for information, address complaints, and gather customer feedback in order to help other teams improve products and services.

As part of this job, Account Specialists spend a lot of time analyzing data. Not only do they do basic data collection such as gathering customers’ contact info, but they also do deep dives into customer feedback surveys, recorded customer service calls, and other sources of information. They do so in order to better understand what customers need and how the company can best provide it.

Account Specialists also create reports based on what they learn about customer needs. They may be asked to share these reports with other departments or with leadership – for instance, by giving presentations.

What skills do I need to become an Account Specialist?

Account Specialists need good analysis skills, including the ability to read for comprehension and perform some algebra in addition to basic arithmetic. Strong oral and written communication skills and the ability to listen with empathy help these professionals understand customer problems and solve them. Good organization skills and keen attention to detail help Account Specialists stay on track.

Typically, a high school diploma is the minimum requirement for account specialists. Some employers prefer candidates who have taken college courses, including courses in business, accounting, marketing, public speaking, writing or computer skills. Most employers will provide additional training on the job for their Account Specialists.

Where can I find great Account Specialist jobs in Minneapolis?

Companies in nearly every industry require Account Specialists to help them optimize their work with customers. Different companies, however, have different internal cultures. To find the company that offers you the best fit as an Account Specialist, consider working with a recruiter who specializes in placing professionals in this career field.

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