Minneapolis Career Spotlight: Customer Service Coach

Customer service is a booming field, offering opportunities for both newcomers to customer service and long-time veterans. One option for workers looking to expand their skills and grow in customer service is to take a position as a customer service coach.

What Does a Customer Service Coach Do?

Customer service coaches focus on training, coordinating, mentoring and leading customer service teams. Typical tasks in this position include managing and coordinating a team of customer service agents, setting objectives and goals for the team, and handling complex issues that are beyond your team’s typical capabilities.

In addition to these classic managerial tasks, customer service coaches play a key role as mentors and teachers. They’re responsible for getting to know each member of their team personally and helping them learn and grow on the job, supporting each team member’s strengths and teaching them skills to address their weaknesses.

What Background Do I Need to Become a Customer Service Coach?

Many customer service coach positions require a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience in a field related to customer service, such as business. Candidates should also be ready to show that they have experience supervising and leading others.

Key skills for customer service coaches include communication, project management and planning, and foundational computer skills. Communication is essential since much of a customer service coach’s job involves helping team members understand problems and learn from mistakes.

Empathy, integrity and the ability to lead by example are a must. Candidates applying for customer service coach positions can improve their applications by focusing on specific projects, events or tasks that required them to demonstrate these skills.

Where Can I Find A Great Job as a Customer Service Coach in Minneapolis?

If becoming a customer service coach sounds like a promising career choice for you, don’t hesitate to speak to a recruiter who specializes in placing customer service coaches in the Minneapolis area. Your recruiter can help you find the right employer for you and start your path toward a career in customer service or a related field.


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