Minneapolis Career Spotlight: Financial Clearance Rep

If you’re good with numbers and you enjoy keeping data in its place, you may enjoy working as a financial clearance representative. This job is one of the hottest in the Minneapolis area right now, making it a “hidden gem” for job-seekers who want a career change.

What Do Financial Clearance Reps Do?

Financial clearance reps are responsible for collecting the information necessary to ensure that customers can pay their bills or that a third party, such as an insurance company, is prepared to pay bills on behalf of the customer. They also play a key role in collecting payments, making payment plans and helping customers understand their financial obligations.

Financial clearance reps frequently work in hospital settings, where they also develop a keen understanding of health insurance eligibility and benefits.

What Skills, Education or Experience Do New Financial Clearance Reps Need?

Financial clearance representatives commonly have an associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in accounting or related fields, although some enter the field with only a high school diploma or equivalent. For those who wish to work in a hospital setting, a Certified Healthcare Access Associate (CHAA) credential from the National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM) can also open doors with employers.

Good data-entry skills are a must for financial clearance representatives, as are good verbal and written communication skills. Since financial clearance reps frequently work with customers, the ability to explain complex financial details in clear, simple terms and to maintain a pleasant demeanor in the face of challenge is also a highly prized skill.

How Do I Find a Great Job as a Financial Clearance Rep?

Financial clearance representative jobs are filling job boards throughout Minnesota, but how do you choose which employer offers the right atmosphere and support for your best work?

To find a job you’ll love with an employer that helps you do your best, talk to a recruiter that specializes in placing financial clearance representatives and similar professionals. Your recruiter can help you find the perfect job and employer for you.

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