6 Ways to Help You Be a Better Manager

Managers often feel as if they have too much work and too few hours in a day – and that’s before they add their desire to improve their own management skills and lead their teams more effectively.

Six simple ways to improve your management skills:

1. Provide motivation.

Your team understands the “what” and “how” of their jobs, but to do their best work, they also need to know the “why.” Provide motivation by showing your team the big picture to which their tasks contribute. Explain why their work makes a difference to the company and the world.

2. Learn to delegate.

Delegation not only reduces your workload, it helps build your team’s skills, independence and trust in one another and in you. Hand off small tasks at first, and progress to larger goals as your team gains confidence and competence.

3. Hold your team accountable.

Accountability can be simple to create but make a world of difference in your team’s success. For instance, a simple check-in email at the end of the day, in which each person must name one concrete thing they accomplished, can spur your team to focus on getting that task done.

4. Lead by example.

Which qualities do you wish your team exemplified? Begin to practice these yourself. For instance, if your team needs to improve its communication skills, practice listening, providing clear information and making yourself available for conversation or questions. Don’t just tell your team how to succeed – show them!

5. Include others.

Inclusion is key to building team trust and the ability for teams to work together independently under your guidance. When planning projects, find a way to include everyone for at least some part of the work. Leverage team members’ specific strengths and skill sets to make inclusion profitable for your team and your business.

6. Ask for support.

The best managers know when it’s time to ask for help or to delegate tasks to another professional. Contacting your recruiter for help with hiring and staffing, for instance, can free you to handle tasks only you can complete, while still ensuring you find the quality candidates you need.

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