Stop Wasting Time! How to Fill Your Hiring Needs FAST!

As the summer hiring season approaches, companies throughout Minnesota find they need more help now. Yet many hiring managers are quickly bogged down in their own time-wasting hiring practices.

Here’s how to identify the biggest time-wasters in your hiring process and how to defeat them:

Do hiring needs seem to come “out of the blue”?

If the realization “we need to hire someone!” sends you scrambling to slap together a job posting or shuffle your schedule to cram in a few interviews, your hiring process is costing you valuable time. Here, a strategic staffing plan can end the stress and allow you to hire proactively, not reactively.

With a strategic staffing plan in place, you’ll have a better sense of when you’ll need to hire a new person for a long-term or a contract role. You gain the opportunity to plan the hiring process around the essential tasks you need to perform, allowing you to work more efficiently – and focus your efforts on the sources most likely to produce the best candidates.

Not sure where to start creating a strategic plan? Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel. Talk to a recruiter with expertise in strategic planning.

Is your candidate pool full of candidates who aren’t qualified for the job?

If you must wade through piles of irrelevant resumes to find the handful of candidates who are qualified for the job, you may be wasting time in one or two key areas.

First, your Applicant Tracking System may not be set up to focus on the traits or keywords most relevant to the job. These automated systems are only as good at screening resumes (and saving you time) as their settings, so time spent keeping their parameters up to date is time well spent.

Second, the job descriptions you post to seek candidates may not accurately reflect the core demands of the job. Here, a recruiter’s help can be invaluable in determining how to draft job postings that attract the candidates you want.

Do your best candidates drop out before you reach the offer stage?

Many top candidates leave hiring processes that drag on too long. Either they’re offered work at a competing company, or they decide that the delay reflects an employer that won’t respect their time.

Your recruiter can help you streamline the hiring process, keep top candidates engaged and ensure you hire in less time without sacrificing quality.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters specialize in shortening time to hire for our clients, helping you choose your next staff member from a stronger pool of candidates. Contact us today to learn more.

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