Top Skills Employers in the Twin Cities Look for When Hiring

As 2017 ends, job seekers throughout the Minneapolis-St Paul area have the chance to make 2018 their year. To do this, you’ll need to know which skills are most in demand – and how you can present your abilities in these areas to their best advantage.

Here are the top skills employers in the Twin Cities are looking for in 2018:

Computational Thinking

The days of “technological literacy” as an in-demand skill are swiftly ending, now that familiarity with computers and smartphones is presumed. In 2018 and beyond, the ability to think about, manage and spot patterns in data will be essential.


Computers and robots can handle a wide range of tasks in how healthcare is delivered, from better records management to performing actual surgeries. However, the human connection in healthcare – and in many other fields – will continue to be an essential part of service delivery. Skills like listening, expressing compassion and finding ways to help others learn or achieve all fall in this category.

Cross-Cultural Competency

As the world grows more interconnected, the ability to connect to others by observing and adapting to others’ behavior, founded in an understanding of cultures different from the one you grew up in, will become ever more valuable – particularly for those who work in retail, sales, marketing, and customer service, as well as entrepreneurs.


Innovation and entrepreneurship have never been more widespread, and companies are increasingly looking for people who bring these tendencies to conventional employment as well. The ability to evaluate your own skills and knowledge, use pieces you’ve learned here and there, and adapt to the current situation with the tools you have will be an in-demand skill in 2018 and beyond.

Lifelong Learning

As the expansion of technology alone has demonstrated, the ability to learn new things is essential in nearly every job. In addition to having the skills to evaluate sources of information, organize and apply learning, expressing a willingness to take charge of your own learning will set you apart from other candidates.

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