5 Tips for Advancing Your Career in the Twin Cities

Working hard, but ready to move forward in your career? Find yourself shut out of a recent promotion opportunity? Realizing there’s nowhere left to go with your current employer?

If the answer to these question is “yes,” you’re not alone. Here are five ways to move your career forward:

  1. Meet with your supervisor to discuss any available opportunities. If you’re looking for a promotion or were recently passed over for one, talk to your supervisor about your options. What do you need to do to ensure you can land a promotion? Are “sideways” moves, such as a specialist position or a move into another department available? Discovering your options with your current employer can save you time and effort on a job search.
  2. Find out where other people in your position went. Use LinkedIn to search for other professionals who once held your current title in similar jobs or fields. Read their profiles to find out where they moved to. For instance, did everyone move into management, or are there other opportunities available for people with similar credentials and experience to yours? Your research may reveal an exciting career path you hadn’t considered.
  3. Network smarter, not harder. Once a week, connect with a member of your professional network. Call them and arrange to meet for lunch, coffee or a noontime walk. These connections may help you learn about new career opportunities or provide a valuable “sounding board” for your career-search plans.
  4. Focus on your accomplishments, not your duties. Most job candidates still list job duties in their applications. But anyone can list what they were told to do. Instead, set yourself apart from other candidates by listing what you achieved. You’ll demonstrate you can accomplish what you are asked to do and you can do it well.
  5. Work with a recruiter who knows the best employers in your area. Roseville and the Twin Cities are full of outstanding employers who may offer the next rung on your career ladder. To connect with these employers and improve your job search, work with a recruiter who specializes in placing professionals with companies in the area.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our experienced recruiters can help you advance your career in Roseville or anywhere throughout the region. Contact us today to learn more about our job opportunities in the Twin Cities.

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