3 Signs of a Great Staffing Firm in Wisconsin

Wisconsin business owners are no strangers to the hiring process – or to the many difficulties it can present. Finding a staffing firm that can provide the close professional partnership you need, however, can seem like a daunting task.

How can you find the staffing partner that’s right for you? Here are some signs that a Wisconsin staffing firm fits your business needs:

Its staffing partners know the local economy – and the people who make it run.

National staffing firms trade depth for breadth. They serve many markets, but they sacrifice a deep knowledge and personal connections within each market they serve. A staffing firm that focuses on a specific city, town, or geographical area, however, takes the time to build personal knowledge and connections with each company it serves and with the job-seekers on the market. Your staffing partner will have an eye on local trends and will know both the established professionals and the “rising stars” in your industry.

Your staffing partner is available when you call.

The more you communicate with your staffing firm, the better they can meet your immediate needs and help you plan for the future. The right firm for your business will be one in which your staffing partner is ready to “talk business” whenever you need help. Whether you need to place a job order right away or want to discuss long-term strategic staffing plans, trust a staffing partner who prioritizes your hiring needs.

The staffing firm takes the time to get it right.

Reducing the time between posting a company’s job openings and finding the right candidate to fill the position is a top priority for every staffing firm. But what sets the great recruiters apart from the merely competent ones is the greats’ commitment to following up with their clients. An outstanding staffing firm will ask how a new hire is doing – or, if nobody the firm recommended was a good fit, an outstanding firm will ask which “red flags” led to the company’s rejection of the candidate. And a great firm will use this information to improve the quality of the candidates it recommends for every upcoming job opening.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, our recruiters partner with companies throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota to help you find better talent in less time. Contact us today to learn more!

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