Four Reasons Why You Should Partner with a Local Staffing Firm

When you start looking for a recruiter to help you find candidates, one of the first things you may notice is that recruiting firms tend to differ in scope.  Many firms have a national reach, while others choose to focus on a specific regional area.

A national reach can sound promising.  More geographic areas means access to more candidates, which may sound like improved odds.  But more candidates doesn’t always mean better candidates, or a better “fit” for your firm.

If your organization operates in the greater Minneapolis area, you should partner with a staffing firm that focuses on the Twin Cities.  Here’s why:

Local recruiters know the local markets.

Some business trends are national, but when it comes down to daily needs, the biggest pressures are always local.  By focusing on a specific geographic area, locally-focused recruiters develop a keen sense of market forces and changing business pressures.  This makes them increasingly able to predict changes in jobs and hiring, allowing them to spot candidates that will best help their clients adapt to changing market forces.

Local candidates are easier to recruit and place.

Companies that launch national searches for candidates accept the risk that they will have to pay more to relocate their preferred candidate over hundreds or thousands of miles.  By partnering with a local staffing firm, companies access a pool of strong candidates who already have ties to the Twin Cities area.  They find the talent they need while also eliminating moving costs and reducing the risk that the candidate will pick up everything and move away if a better opportunity appears elsewhere.

Hiring locally is good PR.

Nationwide, cities are trending toward a focus on the “local” – including local hiring.  By positioning your organization as one that works with local recruiting firms to find local candidates, you create a brand that cares about its position in the local community.  You strengthen your organization’s ties with the community, improving business as well as finding great talent.

Local recruiters offer personalized service.

In addition to knowing the local markets, candidates, and businesses, a local staffing firm can offer focused, personalized service to the clients it serves.  National firms tend to “generalize” their services, hoping that one size fits all.  By contrast, a local firm gets to know each of its clients – their business culture, their individual needs, and the strengths that offer the best chance of attracting top talent.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our experienced staffing professionals stay grounded in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to ensure that our knowledge stays focused, local, and up to date.  Contact us today to learn more.

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