It’s the Little Things that Count – Job Interview Details You Shouldn’t Ignore

When you’re preparing for a job interview, being detail-oriented matters – even if you wouldn’t call being “detail-oriented” one of your strengths.

Both staffing firms and employers evaluate all the details when considering candidates.  Oversights as simple as a common misspelling or forgetting to attach your resume to an email could move you instantly from the candidate pile to the circular file.

When preparing for a job interview, take the time to consider the details.  Some particular areas you should consider:

  1. Deliver what you promise. If you send an email that states your resume or other information is attached, double-check to make sure that the attachment has uploaded correctly.  Have a trusted friend review your resume and cover letter for errors and inconsistencies – especially if the job requires an attention to detail, strong written communication skills, or both.  Make sure all your correspondence is addressed to the right people and that all names are spelled correctly.
  2. Image is everything. You worked hard to develop your professional skills and experience, so your image should reflect the hard-working, productive professional you are.  When reviewing your resume, cover letter, and other written materials, make sure not only that things are spelled correctly, but that there are no inconsistencies in formatting or font that might make you look sloppy.  When dressing for an interview, make sure your clothes are clean, pressed, and fit well.  If you’re unsure what to wear for an interview, ask your recruiter for tips.
  3. Communicate consistently. Although most of us think of speaking or writing when we talk about “communication,” humans actually do the majority of their communicating via non-verbal cues.  Your posture, eye contact, gestures, and behavior speak volumes about you.

From the moment you enter a potential employer’s building, think about how your actions, as well as your words, communicate with those you meet.  Treat reception staff courteously, and spend your time in the waiting room reviewing materials about the company, instead of checking your phone or flipping through a magazine.  During your interview, use eye contact and posture to communicate your interest in the interview and the position.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our experienced recruiters can help you remember the details, so that you can make your best impression during job interviews.  Contact us to learn more or search our open jobs in the Twin Cities today!

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