Four Things You Are Being Evaluated on in Interviews (That Aren’t Your Answers)

Most job-seekers who prepare for interviews focus on how they plan to answer the most likely questions they’ll face.  While it’s true that your interview answers play a large role in building your professional image in front of an interviewer, what you say isn’t all you’ll be evaluated on while you’re interviewing.

To portray yourself in the best possible light during an interview, prepare to be evaluated on these four points as well as on your answers:

  • Your first impression.  We never quite lose the first impression someone makes on us.  Start making a positive first impression as soon as you enter the building by being courteous to everyone you meet.  Offer a confident handshake to the interviewer.  Remember to dress appropriately for the interview as well by wearing clean, conservative clothing appropriate to the job for which you are interviewing.
  • Your level of interest.  Although your engagement with the interview will communicate certain information about your level of interest, your body language may work against you if it says you’d rather be elsewhere.  Avoid yawning, looking bored, or examining your surroundings while the interviewer is talking.  Instead, pay attention to the interviewer; lean forward slightly, make eye contact, and pay attention to the interviewer’s words so you can better prepare your answers.
  • Your poise.  Non-verbal communication also plays a big role in your poise, or confidence.  By controlling nervous behavior and approaching the interviewer in a confident but comfortable manner, you demonstrate that you believe in your own ability to do the job and that you value your own work and contributions.  Practice interviewing to develop comfort with the process.
  • The questions you ask.  Too many interview candidates treat the interview as a one-way street.  In fact, the interview is your chance to ask about the organization as well as to answer questions.  Prepare several questions that address specific points of interest, such as what a regular day on the job is like, how someone in the position is evaluated, or what opportunities for advancement or professional development are available.  These questions demonstrate your interest in the position and your drive to improve.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our experienced recruiters can help you prepare to face everything you’ll be evaluated on in an interview, from your confidence and poise to your questions and answers.  Contact us today to learn more!

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