Community Outreach: How Your Company (and Employees) Can Give Back

Today, an ever-increasing number of consumers are using their buying power in socially-conscious ways.  Consequently, businesses that give back to the community can see their reputation boosted significantly among their customers or clients.  They also reap other benefits, such as fostering a sense of teamwork among employees that extends beyond the workplace and building a positive “brand” in their industry and the market at large.

Giving back helps employees bond, encourages a company culture based on positive values, and increases the morale of the organization as a whole.  How can your company and employees give back?  Consider the following options:

  • Let your employees lead the way.  Ask employees for ideas for community projects in which your entire company can get involved.  Online forums or a bulletin board or suggestion box in the break room offer a public way for employees to share information about the causes that matter to them.  Periodically, choose or have employees vote on a project to tackle as a group.
  • Vary your projects.  Not every giving-back project is right for everyone, but with enough variety, every employee will have the chance to participate in a project they really love – as well as participating in projects that let them build on weaker skills.  For instance, if your organization decides to walk five miles for charity one month, consider collecting non-perishable foods for the local food bank next month, or setting up a tutoring program.
  • Invite customers and clients to join in.  If your organization is collecting money, food, or other items for a charity in need, invite your customers or clients to give as well.  This can be as simple as setting out a box to collect canned goods or creating a donation tool on a site like
  • Hire people who volunteer.  It is much easier to build support for community outreach programs if your employees are already the sort of people who love to give back.  When hiring, work with your staffing partner to choose people who cultivate their volunteer opportunities and “civic spirit.”  Then, tap into their skills and networks to choose community outreach projects, or encourage them to try a project they haven’t tackled before.

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