Five Ideas to Boost Your Culture with Your Coworkers

Five Ideas to Boost Your Culture with Your Coworkers | THE RIGHT STAFF

Your company’s culture is set by leadership and implemented by the HR team and managers. However, the culture also is reinforced by employees at all levels, including you and your coworkers.

Whether you and your coworkers are working remotely or returning to the office, your company’s culture might not be as prominent as before. Therefore, you may want to partner with your coworkers to boost your culture. These suggestions can help.

Choose among these five ideas to boost your culture with your coworkers:

1. Get to Know Others

Learn all you can about your colleagues and coworkers. Forming personal relationships is especially important if you work remotely and lack face-to-face interactions.

Invite others to join you for an in-person lunch or a virtual coffee. Focus on getting a group together to develop additional connections.

Knowing others helps them view you as an ally, resource, and friend. These relationships increase your influence at work and potential for growth.

2. Celebrate Together

Pay attention to your colleagues’ and coworkers’ accomplishments and milestones. Recognizing their hard work helps develop a culture of care.

For instance, you could remind others of upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries, then ask everyone to sign a card for the person. Or, if someone experiences a life event, you could request contributions to purchase a cake.

3. Show Support

Find ways to support your colleagues and coworkers. For instance, offer to take on additional tasks when a colleague is on vacation or must attend to personal responsibilities. Your colleague will appreciate the help and likely return the favor when needed.

Responding to situations empathetically sets the example you would like others to follow. These behaviors positively influence your company’s culture.

4. Be a Role Model

Model the behaviors you would like to see in your colleagues and coworkers. For instance, join employee resource groups, short-term projects, or long-term committees to enhance your workplace. Participation in these activities helps build your internal network, develop your communication skills, and show your willingness to take on additional responsibilities.

5. Acknowledge Accomplishments

Create a Slack channel for your colleagues and coworkers to share their work achievements and how they impacted the company. Then, lead the way in congratulating others on their accomplishments.

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