Soft Skills to Look for in Today’s Administrative Assistants

Soft Skills to Look for in Today's Administrative Assistants | THE RIGHT STAFF

Soft skills in today’s administrative assistants are especially important. These skills are required to support a company’s managers, teams, and clients.

Administrative assistants handle tasks such as organizing, scheduling, communicating, and problem-solving. As a result, these assistants require soft skills to adapt to changing situations and effectively work with others.

Knowing which soft skills to look for when hiring administrative assistants increases your ability to add the most qualified candidate to your team. These suggestions can help.

Discover the soft skills to look for in today’s administrative assistants.


Organization is required to manage multiple priorities, tasks, and deadlines at once. This skill also is used to efficiently and effectively plan, coordinate, and execute tasks.

Effective organization helps administrative assistants keep track of details, documents, and data to ensure everything is in order and accessible. This skill also supports optimizing time and other resources for strong productivity.


Proactively meeting employee needs is important for administrative assistants. These professionals must identify opportunities, suggest solutions, and take action to maintain business operations.

Administrative assistants must handle challenges, cope with uncertainty, and quickly adapt to change. These professionals use proactivity to demonstrate their value, creativity, and flexibility.


Communication skills are essential to interact with others and effectively convey information. These skills include actively listening, clearly speaking, professionally writing, and appropriately reading and responding to body language.

Proper communication skills help administrative assistants tailor the tone, style, and purpose of their messages according to the situation and audience. These skills also help build rapport and establish trust to support strong work relationships.


Collaboration is necessary to work with employees at all levels and in different departments. This skill helps administrative assistants coordinate, cooperate, and support others.

Collaboration facilitates sharing ideas, information, and constructive feedback. This skill also helps with respecting diversity, resolving conflicts, and compromising.


Professionalism is essential to properly represent the company brand. This skill includes providing courteous, helpful, and timely service to internal and external stakeholders.

Administrative assistants must maintain high standards of quality, ethics, and confidentiality. These professionals also must effectively handle requests, complaints, and constructive feedback.

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