How Partnering with a Local Twin City Staffing Firm Can Be Your Key to Success When Hiring

How Partnering with a Local Twin City Staffing Firm Can Be Your Key to Success When Hiring

Hiring for Twin Cities companies is more complicated now than ever. This means your internal hiring team may be struggling to find the qualified candidates needed to fill open roles. You should consider partnering with a local staffing firm because you want to save time and money on hiring. The following are some benefits you can gain.

Discover why you should work with a local staffing firm to help fill your Twin Cities company’s hiring needs.

Higher Quality of Candidates

The local staffing firm has access to a range of experienced talent looking for work. This includes candidates with hard-to-find skills that your business needs. Because the firm’s recruiters establish relationships with the candidates, you gain access to them. Since the candidates come to you prescreened, they have the qualifications you are looking for. You simply interview the candidates and decide which to hire. Then, you negotiate a job offer with the recruiter on behalf of the candidate. The recruiter helps with the onboarding process and regularly follows up to ensure success.


Lower Risk of Bad Hires

The local staffing firm guarantees satisfaction with the candidates you hire. If you are not completely satisfied with a new hire, the recruiter will send over other qualified candidates to interview. You negotiate a job offer with the recruiter on behalf of the candidate and get help onboarding them at no charge. This ensures the right candidates join your team.


Reduced Administrative Costs

The local staffing firm absorbs the upfront costs of recruitment for the candidates placed. This includes expenses related to advertising jobs, sourcing candidates, and conducting interviews. It also involves evaluating candidate skills, handling pre-employment checks, and managing onboarding, payroll, and benefits. Your company saves time and money by outsourcing its recruitment needs.


Increased Workforce Flexibility

The local staffing firm can provide temporary, contract, temp-to-hire, or direct-hire services for your company. This lets you blend the firm’s workers with your employees to balance your changing workforce needs. When the temporary or contract workers are no longer needed, they can move to other assignments. You pay only for the services used.


Minimized Employment Risks

The local staffing firm assumes many of the risks involved with hiring employees. Because the firm is the employer of record for temporary, contract, and temp-to-hire workers, the firm handles all employment, payroll, and compliance issues. This significantly reduces your liability in these areas.


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