5 Signs It’s Time To Grow Your Team

Watching a company grow can be exciting, especially when your own hard work contributes to the expansion. The decision to add to your team is crucial to that continued growth, as well as to your team’s ability to learn and adapt to changing economic, industry, and customer concerns.  

It may be time to add new talent to your team if: 

1. Your team is overworked or turning down work.  

Ideally, your team will always have exactly the amount of work they can perform well – neither more nor less. If your team has had to put in extra hours, push themselves past a sustainable limit, or offload tasks onto others, it’s time to add someone who can help share the workload.  

2. You’re losing customers out of frustration. 

Sometimes, the result of overwork isn’t a team that works harder or pushes key tasks onto other parties – it’s that the quality of the work suffers. When this happens, customers may become frustrated and give up on your company or team. To get quality of work back on track, your team may need the help of a new colleague to take on the work or provide a fresh perspective. 

3. You know exactly what you need someone to do. 

If you were going to post a job ad for a new hire today, could you write a detailed job description? If the answer is “yes,” chances are good you’re ready to make that new hire. The more specific you can be about what a new hire would need to do, the easier it will be to find the right person. 

4. You need a specific skill, and a contract worker won’t do. 

Businesses change as they grow, and so do their needs. Your team may be struggling because no one has a specific skill or set of skills that have become necessary to their success. In this situation, hiring someone with those skills can help the team overcome its current growing pains, learn new things, and move forward. 

5. You need a new perspective. 

Hitting a lull in growth may seem like the wrong time to hire. In fact, it may be exactly the right time. A fresh perspective on your team may help your business overcome a sticky challenge and continue to thrive.  

The recruiters at THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC work with companies and clients throughout the St. Paul area to build connections with some of the best available talent. To learn more, contact us today. 

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