The 5 Characteristics Someone in Customer Service Should Have

Even the best businesses cannot thrive without a strong customer service team. Customer service professionals provide the link between the business and its customers – answering questions, solving problems and striving to create the best possible experience for customers.

To succeed at these vital tasks, customer service staff need several essential skills, including:

  1. Listening and Feedback

Customers may call when they are angry or confused. They may believe they understand the problem when they don’t, or they may admit they have no idea what kind of help they’re asking for.

Strong listening skills ensure that a customer service professional begins to understand a customer’s needs. The ability to ask the right questions gets to the heart of the issue and provides help that will solve the customer’s problem.

  1. Empathy and Responsiveness

Customers who call with problems need to have their problem solved, but they also need to feel heard and respected. When a customer walks away feeling like their call mattered, they have a better opinion of the company and are more likely to remain loyal. Customer service representatives build this connection by offering empathy and responsiveness when it’s needed.

  1. Product/Service Knowledge

Often, answering a customer’s questions or addressing a problem is a simple task – but only for someone who knows the company’s products and services thoroughly. The best customer service professionals know that learning about their business’s offerings is a lifelong task, and they embrace it.

  1. Accuracy

From typing in customer information to relaying billing details or product specifications, accuracy is a core skill for good customer service professionals. Mistakes can cause confusion, delay service or create inaccuracies that frustrate customers – or worse, cause the company to lose a customer completely.

  1. Comfort With Technology

Customer service professionals rely on a number of technological tools to get their jobs done. For instance, customer service staff use computer databases, chat and email software, and voice or video calling to carry out their work. The best customer service professionals learn new technologies easily and are always looking for ways to use these tools more effectively in their work.

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