Are You Getting Ghosted By Candidates? 5 Ways to Turn Things Around

Getting ghosted is unpleasant, whether it happens in a dating situation or in hiring. It’s frustrating to put time and energy into researching and interviewing a candidate, only to have that person disappear from the process without so much as a goodbye text.

Low unemployment and a tight labor market have increased the number of ghosting instances in recent years. If you’re seeing a lot of good candidates vanish, here’s how to respond.

  1. Interview More Candidates Than You Think You Need

One way to lessen the impact of ghosting is to interview more candidates than you think you need to for each position. For instance, if you have two openings, schedule eight interviews instead of four.

Not only does this system help reduce the chances that you’ll suffer if a candidate ghosts your company, it also helps you build relationships with existing professionals – giving you someone to call if your two open positions suddenly become three.

  1. Communicate Regularly

Ghosting can be defined as a failure to communicate. You’re reaching out to the candidate, but the candidate isn’t reaching back.

While you can’t control the candidate’s choices, you can increase the number of chances the candidate has to respond to you by building more communication touchpoints into the hiring process. Today’s technology makes it easier than ever for hiring managers to stay in touch with candidates via phone, text, email, social media and other tools.

  1. Teach the Candidate About the Role

In the past, companies posted a job description, hired their top choice candidate, and set them to work. Today, however, candidates are more likely to walk away if they discover at any point that the job isn’t what they thought it would be.

More education, then, is a must. Spend some time teaching the candidate about the role. Consider offering candidates the chance to sit in on the team’s work in order to understand what their job will be from day to day.

  1. Never Stop Recruiting

A consistent recruiting pipeline can help your company ensure that you’re always communicating with good candidates.

Maintain a communicative employer brand that reaches out to promising candidates and builds relationships, whether or not you have an open position at the moment.

  1. Work With a Ghost’s Best Friend

Recruiters can help you avoid being ghosted by providing a strong link between you and the candidates they recommend. Even if the candidate stops responding, your recruiter can provide peace of mind by helping you understand why and choose a more communicative person in the future.

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