Is Your Business Ready to Hire Generation Z?

The generation born between 1995 and 2010 is commonly known as “Generation Z.” The oldest members of this generation turn 24 in 2019.

Gen Z is graduating from college now and is the next generation to step into the workforce. By 2024, Gen Z is expected to make up more than 20 percent of the US workforce. Here’s what employers need to know about hiring this generation of young professionals.

  1. Money is Only Part of Their Motivation

The 2009 recession and its aftermath defined the childhoods of Gen Z workers. While they expect to be paid a living wage for their work, money alone won’t encourage them to stay with an employer once this need is met.

Millennials surprised many employers with their willingness to switch jobs in order to find career advancement, a strong culture and a meaningful set of values. Gen Z shares these desires and will also switch careers until they find an employer who’s a perfect fit.

  1. They’re Thinking Long Term

The recession made Gen Z skeptical about foundational matters like job security and career advancement. The majority of this generation became interested in internships as early as high school, in order to gain career experience.

Companies that don’t highlight their stability or advancement opportunities are likely to lose good candidates from Generation Z, as these workers look elsewhere for an employer who understands their long term view.

  1. They Don’t Want to Waste Time

One of the biggest turn-offs for Gen Z on the job market is busy work. Engage Gen Z workers, and you’ll find some of the most enthusiastic, independent and hardest-working members of your team; fail to engage them, and they’ll wander off in search of other opportunities.

And those opportunities extend beyond conventional employment. Watching parents and older siblings get laid off in the recession taught Gen Z the importance of an independent, can-do spirit. As a result, employers aren’t merely competing with other employers for this generation’s efforts; they’re also competing with the gig economy and a vast world of entrepreneurial ventures.

Ready to Grow Your Team?

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