How You Can Make the Onboarding Process Better for New Hires

When new hires first join a business, training can be long and confusing. They may struggle or experience undue stress as they attempt to do their work, only to run up against an unfamiliar environment.

To reduce the time it takes for new hires to get comfortable with their work in your organization, focus on building a strong onboarding process. Here’s how to use onboarding to improve overall team performance.

  1. Integrate Onboarding With the Job Itself

Companies that treat onboarding as a one-time event often find that staff struggle at first to absorb large quantities of information and then apply it to their work.

When onboarding is spread across several weeks, however, new hires get the chance to learn a skill, then apply it on the job. The time they spend working allows them to build stronger relationships with their team more quickly and to integrate information more easily since they put it to use as soon as they learn it.

  1. Differentiate Instruction

Different people have different learning speeds and styles. As a result, offering multiple formats for the same information and modifying the pace of onboarding for new hires can help each person obtain the information they need in the way they learn most effectively.

Differentiate instruction for different learning styles by offering information in visual, auditory and hands-on formats. AI-based onboarding programs can also adapt to learning speeds and styles by tracking how each new hire responds to lessons and quizzes, focusing on weak areas of knowledge while allowing the new hire to move on from items they have already mastered.

  1. Make it Easy for New Hires to Ask Questions

Any new hire will have many questions during their first few weeks on the job. Make it easy to ask questions and get them answered by introducing the new hire to their team and supervisor early in the process. By doing so, you help the new hire orient themselves to the team and determine which is the best person to ask any given question.

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