Networking 101: How to Build Professional Relationships

The age in which we live is busier and more fragmented than ever. People may move regularly in order to find and keep their dream career, which means it can be even more difficult than in past eras to build and maintain strong professional relationships.

Here’s how to maintain your network in the digital era:

  1. Make Your Social Media Sites a Professional Nexus

Clean up your social media profiles so that they’re friendly to both your personal and your professional contacts. Use clear and professional photos of yourself, and connect sites like LinkedIn to your portfolio or blog so that you’re posting regular updates even if you’re not always on the site.

Then, make sure you’re connected to as many of your professional network members as possible. Send invitations and accept connections when they’re offered. Use list curation tools and similar options to make sure you can easily find various members of your network when you want to see what they’re doing or keep in touch.

  1. Reach Out to a Member of Your Network at Least Once a Week

Whether you meet in person or reach out digitally, set aside one day a week to make a connection with someone in your network. For local connections, offer to meet up for coffee or to help them with an ongoing project. For far-flung members of your network, send an email or message via social media to let them know you care and that you’re interested in how their lives are going.

By making one connection one day a week, you don’t overburden yourself with maintaining your network, but you also ensure you’re keeping in touch with your contacts – so when you need help, it’s easy to reach out.

  1. Work With a Recruiter in Your Area

A local recruiter can become a powerful part of your professional network. Your recruiter can help you connect to some of the best employers and professionals locally, allowing you to build an even stronger network in your area.

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