Know Your Worth: Easy Ways to Calculate What Your Salary Should Be

Does a job offer contain a realistic, competitive compensation number – or is the salary a joke?

In the past, salary information tended to be obscure. It was difficult to know whether the offer a company made was appropriate for the job and industry, or whether you were being underpaid for your professional skills and attention.

Today, the data is easier to access than ever – as long as you know where to look.

Here are some of the best tools to help you determine whether you’re being offered an appropriate salary for your experience and position.

  1. PayScale

PayScale is a free salary calculator that collects information about your job title, education, skills, location and experience, then provides a “snapshot” view of how your current pay or job offer compares to similar jobs at other employers.

PayScale also breaks down the differences between salary and other forms of compensation, like health or retirement benefits, allowing you to determine whether you’re getting a competitive mix of overall compensation.

  1. The Salary Project

The Salary Project offers free access to a database of over 10,000 salaries from workers all over the world. You can search by location, industry role and other features in order to determine what your salary should be in nearly any job.

Because The Salary Project lets you control a wide range of factors, it’s a great tool to help you determine what the industry looks like before you start negotiating a job offer.

  1. Know Your Worth

Glassdoor has always collected self-reported salary and benefits information from its users and created reports from it, but its Know Your Worth tool takes the process of understanding compensation one step further. The free tool uses your employer, location, job title, experience and current salary to calculate what you should be earning, based on its vast collection of salary reports and its tools for tracking market trends.

The tool only calculates base pay, so if you’re looking at a position where compensation in commissions or bonuses is common, its salary calculation may seem low. But the tool’s access to a massive and ever-growing dataset makes it one of the best available for contextualizing your current salary or a job offer.

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