Minneapolis Career Spotlight: Advertising Coordinator

Advertising coordinators are in high demand right now as businesses compete to be heard in a booming economy. Here’s what you need to know about careers in this exciting field.

What Do Advertising Coordinators Do?

Advertising coordinators help create and deliver ads – in print, online and for radio or television broadcast.

As a part of their work, ad coordinators think deeply about what their customers need and how best to communicate that their product or service can meet those needs. They consider which types of media will be most effective for certain messages or markets.

An advertising coordinator may be involved at every step of an ad project, from generating new ideas to evaluating how well a “live” campaign is doing. They’re also responsible for creating budgets and making sure the ad creation team has the resources it needs to achieve.

What Training and Experience Do Advertising Coordinators Need?

Typically, advertising coordinators have two to four years of related experience when they first step into the role. Many stay in the position of advertising coordinator for fifteen years or more, finding that there are always new things to learn in order to do the job more effectively.

Advertising coordinators commonly have a bachelor’s degree in marketing or a similar field, although some enter the field with only a two-year degree plus hands-on experience.  Those who stay in the field often earn an MBA or similar Master’s degree, and some even go on to earn a doctorate.

The vast majority of advertising coordinators work for companies with under 100 employees, allowing candidates interested in the work to combine a small business feel with making big impacts on society and the media.

Where Can I Find a Great Job as an Advertising Coordinator?

Working with a recruiter is one of the best ways to find advertising coordinator positions with companies that also offer a great fit for your skills and your career goals. Your recruiter can use information about your unique work history and plans to help you choose the right employer, prepare for interviews, evaluate job offers and more.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters can help you find open positions as an advertising coordinator in the Twin Cities. Contact us today to learn more.

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