6 Soft Skills in High Demand in 2019

There’s nothing “soft” about soft skills when it comes to finding a job. Whether you’re looking for a position with a new employer or you want to move into a new job at your current workplace, developing in-demand soft skills will set you apart from the competition and serve you well in any job you seek.

“Soft” skills, also known as “transferable” skills, are skills that enhance your ability to perform outstanding work in any industry or context. Here are six soft skills that Minnesota employers will prioritize in 2019:

  1. Clear Communication

Communication is a must for good teamwork and organization, but it’s essential for anyone who wishes to climb the career ladder. In particular, companies prize people with the ability to translate the technical demands of their job into clear, concise language for executives, investors, and others who don’t share a technical background.

  1. Time Management

How well can you juggle competing tasks in order to ensure everything gets done on time? Demonstrating your ability to prioritize, organize, and execute according to a plan or schedule can help you stand out among candidates who prefer to work “by the seat of their pants.”

  1. Technology Integration

Companies are moving away from “tech for tech’s sake” and toward a goal-based approach to technology: What will this tool help us accomplish? By demonstrating how you’ve used technological tools to solve problems, you communicate that you put the work first, and that you’re not afraid to learn how to use the best tools available for the goal.

  1. Problem Solving

In a fast-paced world, the ability to solve problems is essential, making it one of the top skills employers will be looking for in 2019. Demonstrate your skill in this area by highlighting problems you’ve encountered on the job and describing your process for solving them effectively.

  1. Adaptability

New people, new demands, new technology…. There’s always more to learn in today’s business world, which means that companies prize workers who can adapt to the changing circumstances of their jobs and industries. Cultivating a growth mindset, with your eye on what you can learn in any situation, can help you improve your adaptability.

  1. Organization

Organization helps you complete individual tasks more quickly, and it also helps you coordinate with team members who are depending on your individual work to accomplish a bigger goal. Employers know this, which is why they put organization high on the list of skills they want to see in top candidates.

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