Facing High Overtime Costs? There’s Another Solution

Companies that launch specialized projects or face “rush” seasons often find themselves short-staffed. One solution is to offer overtime, but overtime costs can add up quickly. Working too much overtime also risks burning out your core staff – precisely when you need them to focus on their essential job duties most.

What’s the solution? Hiring temporary staff members can help you address the increased workload without burning out your regular team or blowing your payroll budget. Here’s how.

1. Workers with specialized skills are available for a wide range of projects.

Paying your regular staff overtime to work on a project that demands specialized knowledge can result in the project’s timeline ballooning as staff struggle to gain the additional capabilities required to carry out the project. By choosing experienced contract staff with the specialized skills required, your company or department can keep the project on time and within budget without sacrificing quality.

2. Temporary staff can serve as the “face” of your company during rush seasons.

Many Minnesota companies experience a “rush” of business at certain times of the year. For instance, pool installers and maintenance teams do the bulk of their work in the summer, while retailers prepare months in advance for the winter holidays.

Whenever your “rush” season occurs, it can strain your regular team past endurance – to say nothing of your payroll budget as overtime accrues. By working with temporary staff, however, your core team is free to focus on their essential tasks while contract staff focus on the seasonal demands.

3. Contract staff offer a cost-effective way to “trial run” potential long-term candidates.

Offering a few hours of overtime as business nudges upward probably won’t hurt your budget in the long term – but as business continues to climb, so does the need for additional team members.

While paying more overtime won’t introduce you to promising new candidates, working with temporary staff does. Your temporary workers can handle increased business while also learning the ropes and developing relationships with your existing team. When you’re ready to make a new long-term hire, you’ll have a few candidates available whom you’ve already seen in action, making it easier for you to evaluate their fit with your team.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters help Minnesota companies find the talent they need to complete specialized projects, address seasonal rushes, and maintain steady, sustainable growth. Contact us today to learn more.

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