Always Ask These 6 Essential Questions When Hiring a Staffing Firm

Hiring is getting tougher throughout the United States as the economy returns to full employment. For many companies, the answer is to work with a staffing firm.

When seeking a staffing agency, it’s important to choose the agency that best supports your recruitment and retention goals. Ask these six questions when evaluating staffing firms to better understand which firms best fit your needs:

What is the staffing agency’s focus?

Some staffing agencies focus on geographic areas; others offer a national reach. Some are industry-specific, while others work to place certain types of professionals in several industries. Choose a staffing firm whose approach is tailored to your needs.

How quickly do they communicate?

Communication is essential. Your recruiter needs to understand your culture and goals, and they need to respond quickly when a promising candidate appears. Choose a staffing firm that returns your emails and phone calls promptly.

Do the recruiters connect with passive candidates?

So-called “passive candidates” are those who are already employed, but who will consider a move to a new job if the fit is right. Recruiters who connect with these candidates can help you reach more talent than recruiters who only work with active job seekers.

Where and how are jobs posted through the recruiter?

Most recruiting firms have their own job boards; others share job information through other means as well. Talk to a potential staffing partner about how they share information about the openings your company has available.

What types of support do they offer their clients?

Your staffing partner should be a partner – not only in connecting you to better candidates, but in helping you create a long-term staffing strategy, improving your hiring process and boosting retention. Ask potential recruiters what services they offer to improve your hiring from multiple angles.

What does the recruiter’s fee structure look like?

The right staffing firm can be highly cost-effective, but to make sure your recruiter fits your budget, you’ll need a realistic view of what you can expect to spend. Don’t hesitate to talk about fees and costs up front.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our Twin Cities recruiters can help you find the talent you’re looking for in Roseville and throughout the metropolitan area. To learn more about the services we offer, contact us today.

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