How to Decline a Job Offer That Isn’t Right for You

You’ve received a job offer, and people are saying, “Congratulations!” There’s just one problem: The offer is for a job that, for an important reason, is not the right position for you.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to decline this job offer without alienating the manager or company that offered it. Here’s how to decline a job offer that isn’t right for you without ruining your professional reputation:

Put It in Writing

While a phone call feels quick and easy, putting your decision to decline the offer into writing can help you organize your thoughts, say what you intend to say without interruption and create a record of your decision.

Be Honest….

If you liked the company, but the position itself wasn’t a good fit, consider saying as much when you decline the position. If the position lacked specific details you are looking for in your next job, such as work in a certain area or a clear path to management, mentioning this point helps position you for consideration for potential future openings.

…But Be Tactful

Sometimes, the job is wrong for more personal reasons: You don’t like the company’s culture, you don’t see yourself getting along with anyone on your prospective team or the company’s mission and values are totally incompatible with your own. In this situation, the most tactful approach is simply to say that the position is “not the right fit.”

Consider Your Options

In some situations, you may like the job and the company, but the compensation being offered doesn’t meet your needs. Here, it’s best to start by affirming your interest in the position, and asking whether you can negotiate a higher salary or a different compensation offering. Your recruiter can help you open these negotiations – and, if they don’t succeed, help you decline the offer while stressing how enthusiastic you were about the job itself.

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