Why Working With a Staffing Firm Could Be the Answer to Your Greatest Hiring Challenges

Finding candidates. Sorting through applications. Navigating interviews. Offering competitive compensation.

When you’re hiring, it may feel as if the challenges never end. Here are some of the biggest hiring hurdles Minnesota companies face, and how working with the right staffing firm can help you master every one of them.

Attracting Appropriate Candidates

The first step to hiring a qualified, enthusiastic candidate is attracting these types of candidates to your application pool. If you find yourself wading through dozens, or hundreds, of applications from unqualified candidates, talk to your staffing firm. They can help you craft better job descriptions and reach out to the right candidates.

Sorting the Applicant Pile

Even the best automated applicant tracking systems require you to do some sorting in the form of reading resumes, contacting references and reviewing cover letters. When you work with a staffing firm, you gain a partner who can take on many of these tasks—or skip them by connecting you directly to a candidate whose work they know and trust.

A Slow Process

If you’re losing candidates to competing organizations or because they lose interest and “drop out” halfway through, your hiring process may be taking too long. Your recruiter can help you streamline it by shortening the time spent on front-end tasks, allowing you to move directly into the interview process and toward a job offering.

 “Thanks, But No Thanks”

Have you heard this response from more than one top candidate after making an offer? If so, it may be time to ask your staffing firm to look at the compensation you’re offering. Staffing companies stay on top of the latest compensation data in their industries and geographic areas. They can tell you whether the salary and benefits you’re offering are competitive—and if they’re not, your recruiter can recommend ways to improve the competitiveness of your compensation without breaking the bank.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our Minnesota-based recruiters can help you streamline your hiring process to find better candidates in less time. Contact us today to learn more.

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