“Why Can’t I Find a Job in Minneapolis?” – 5 Possible Reasons You Haven’t Received a Job Offer

The Minneapolis job market is booming. That’s great news if you’re looking for a job, but can sound discouraging if you’ve been looking but haven’t found one yet. Here are five reasons you may still be waiting for that elusive job offer:

  1. You’re looking for work in all the wrong places. Many people fall into the habit of looking in the same places for job postings again and again: the local want ads, specific job boards or “aggregate” websites like Monster.com. If these sources aren’t supplying the jobs (or job offers) you want, it’s time to expand your search. Look for industry-specific websites, job fairs and recruiters who specialize in placing people in the positions you want.
  2. Your resume is out of date (or worse, inaccurate). If you’re sending the same generic resume to every employer, take another look at it. Before you send it out, tailor it to the job posting by describing your relevant skills and accomplishments in the terms used by the prospective employer. Also, double-check that dates, names and job titles are accurate—and they match other sources of information about you online, including your LinkedIn profile. Mismatching information can make employers wrongly assume you’re hiding something.
  3. Your interview skills need attention. Interviewing is a skill that develops with time and attention, just like any other skill. Read about interview strategies and skill-building, practice with a friend or work with a staffing partner who can provide professional guidance. Create and practice answers to common interview questions, like “Why do you want to work here?” to give yourself a confidence boost.
  4. You’re difficult to reach. When hiring managers are ready to decide, they often move quickly. Miss their phone call or email, and you may miss an opportunity to say “yes” to an interview or even a job offer.
    Instead, make yourself easy to reach by leaving your phone’s ringer on during business hours. If you want to attend an event where you’ll need to silence your phone, such as a movie or theatre production, plan these for evenings and weekends. Check your email several times a day.
  5. You need an ally. Often, finding the right job takes a combination of skill and luck. If your skills are solid, give yourself a luck boost by working with an experienced recruiter who knows the best companies and job openings in your field, and who can give you a personal connection with these hiring managers.

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