7 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Staff This Summer

Warmer weather has arrived in Minnesota, promising an end to winter and the start of longer, sunnier days ahead. To keep motivation high and boost productivity through the summer months, start creating a “summer appreciation plan” for your staff. Here are seven ways to demonstrate your appreciation this summer:

  1. Get the basics in place. In 1943, Abraham Maslow created his “Hierarchy of Needs,” hypothesizing that humans must have certain basic needs (like food and safety) met before they can tackle other needs (like social belonging or goal-setting). Make sure your staff have the basic tools and resources they need for summer projects, so they’re free to focus on the higher goal.
  2. Put it in writing. While a verbal “thank you” or “good job” helps, spending a few moments composing a written note of appreciation goes further. A written note is a tangible reminder of the good staff have done, and it can also serve as a visible reminder to keep reaching for the stars.
  3. Have a party. Summer’s warm weather and longer days make it easier to head outside for a bit of rest and relaxation. An ice cream social or picnic adds some fun to the summer and helps build your company’s culture.
  4. Consider the classics. “Employee of the month” sounds cliché, but the practice can encourage staff to push harder to beat goals and improve on their own best performance. An added perk like prime parking or even a trophy passed from winner to winner can add to the appeal.
  5. Create specific competitions. Creating competitions that focus on specific goals can help your team work together to achieve on essential projects over the summer. Even small rewards such as gift cards can add to the summer fun.
  6. Flex your time. The warm summer weather calls everyone to spend more time outdoors. Don’t make your staff fight the urge. Find ways to let them work out of the office or to rearrange their schedules to spend more time in the sun.
  7. Be spontaneous. Spontaneous rewards, like letting everyone leave a little early on a sunny summer Friday or asking them to come in an hour late when Daylight Saving Time begins, motivate your team by demonstrating you trust and appreciate them.

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