3 Management Trends to Consider Adopting

The ability to juggle and delegate is key for managers. Even when you’ve done both like a pro, however, you may find you have too much to do and not enough time to do it.

While some management trends can help you work more efficiently, they can also trip you up if not used thoughtfully. Here are three current trends to consider adopting to improve your management, leadership and recruiting.

Changing the Scheduled Workday

“The old 9 to 5” is so ingrained in our business thought processes it has become a cliché. With increased interconnectivity it’s easy to change this often-outdated habit.

The benefits of “flextime” include the ability for your team to maintain a work-life balance, which can lead to increased engagement and retention. With careful scheduling, you can ensure there’s always someone in the office when needed, without burning out the entire team. Consider the increased scheduling burdens and lack of “face time” between team members and supervisors before implementing a workday change.

Working Remotely

Thanks to the World Wide Web and ever-increasing connectivity, managers can handle work tasks without ever setting foot in the office. Your team can also work while “on the go.”

Working remotely allows you to overcome geographical barriers when building your team. It also encourages workers to focus on essential tasks, rather than merely “looking busy” to impress the boss. However, camaraderie can be tougher to build. And just because you can work anywhere and at any time doesn’t mean you should.

Focusing on Results, Not Processes

Encouraging independence by focusing on results rather than processes can free up employees to think creatively and take ownership of the work. It can also free up managers to focus on key tasks of their own, including recruiting and retention.

When is independence-driven managing a bad idea? If employees don’t have the support they need, the process may fail. Likewise, without adequate training or feedback, error rates may increase. For managers who can put in the effort to build a solid structure, however, increasing employee independence can pay off.

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