Strategic Staffing: How to Evaluate Your 2016 Staffing Outcomes

Many businesses make a strategic staffing plan and intend to stick by it, only to find the year passing them by. But it’s not too late to evaluate how you did in 2016 and make plans for 2017. Here are several useful metrics to evaluate your 2016 staffing outcomes and identify ways your recruiter can help you improve in the year ahead:

Value of Recruitment Strategy

Most employers use a variety of recruitment strategies, from partnering with a recruiting firm to posting want ads in the local paper. Take some time to list the strategies your organization employed in 2016 and their results. Which offered the greatest ROI in terms of viable candidates, hired candidates and quality candidates?  Which offered the least?

Time to Fill Position

The longer a position remains vacant, the more it drains money from your organization’s coffers and energy from the staff members who must stretch themselves to cover that position’s essential tasks. Reviewing how long each position took to fill – and whether you lost any promising candidates along the way – can help you pinpoint hard-to-find skills or other hurdles that can be addressed to improve hiring times.

Turnover Rates

How quickly do people leave your organization, and from what positions? While some turnover is inevitable, high turnover indicates a problem. Perhaps the job’s requirements are not well defined, or the candidates are not being assessed in a way that matches the demands of the job. Your recruiter can help you hone in on the problem and fix it.

Quality of Hire

How pleased are you with the people you have brought on board this year? Examining the quality of hires from each recruitment source is essential in order to determine which source provides the greatest ROI. Assessing quality of hires can also help you determine which skills are in short supply among your staff, or which ones are most likely to be needed in the coming year.

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