5 Essential Things to Do Before Your Next Job Interview

Congratulations! You’ve put your next interview on the calendar. Now it’s time to start preparing so your interview goes off without a hitch. Here are five essential steps to take for your upcoming interview:

Learn everything you can about the employer.

Chances are you did some research when you prepared and sent your application materials. Now, it’s time to dust off those notes and add to them. Use the internet, your recruiter’s knowledge, and other resources to learn everything you can about the employer, the hiring manager, and the job. Your goal is to tailor your interview questions to their needs so you can answer the top question in every hiring manager’s mind: “What can this candidate do for us?”

Know what you plan to ask.

Never leave an interview without asking a few questions of your own – this is your chance to learn about the employer, as well as their chance to learn about you. Make a list of your top three questions. At least one question should focus specifically on this employer’s projects or recent accomplishments. A good “filler” question to finish the list is to ask the hiring manager, “What do you like best about working here?” or “What would you change about this company if you could?”

Schedule the big day.

Avoid being late to your interview by scheduling your entire day around it. Leave time to get dressed, eat a simple but healthy meal, review your notes, and travel to the interview site. You want to arrive approximately five to ten minutes early – this gives you time to examine the offices and see how people interact, which can help you decide if this is the right workplace for you.

Touch base with your recruiter.

Before the interview, don’t forget to talk to your recruiter. Staffing firms specialize in knowing the “inside scoop” with local employers. Your recruiter may be able to provide specific tips for speaking to this hiring manager or positioning yourself as the ideal hire for this company.


You still have some work to do before you land the job, but you’ve already managed to be one of a select few who were called for an interview. Celebrate this accomplishment with a small reward, like dessert or a movie, to get you excited about the challenge ahead!

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