4 Outside-the-Box Team-Building Activities to Try

When your team works well together, it’s going to be more creative and productive and ultimately, more successful. But, as the top recruiting firm in Minnesota and Wisconsin, THE RIGHT STAFF certainly understands that creating those bonds can be a challenge. How can you get your team to connect and communicate better, while still having some fun? Here are 4 outside-the-box team-building activities to get you started:

Activity #1: Back-to-Back Drawing 

Boosts Communication Skills
Items You’ll Need:
Paper, pens or markers, hard copies of simple line drawings or basic shapes.

Directions: Split your group into pairs and ask each pair sit back to back. One individual will get the picture of the shape, while the other should have the paper and pen or marker. The one holding the picture needs to describe it to their partner and have them draw it – without telling them what the shape is. After a certain amount of time, ask each set of partners to compare their drawings so you can see who was most accurate.

Activity #2: Stranded on a Desert Island

Boosts Problem-Solving & Collaboration Skills
Approximately 20-30 minutes.

Directions: Split your group into teams. Tell them to imagine this situation: There’s a plane carrying them and it crashes on a desert island, stranding them. Each team needs to choose only 12 items from around the workplace that they believe will be most valuable for their survival on the island, as well as list them in order of importance. When an individual finds an item they think will be useful, they’ll need to convince their teammates as to why.

Activity #3: Workplace Trivia

Boosts Camaraderie & Bonding

Items You’ll Need: 25 trivia questions about your workplace.

Directions: Create a series of questions about the office. For instance, what color is the floor in the kitchen? How many windows are there in the conference room? And what brand is the copier? The person to get the most correct wins a reward.

Activity #4: Zoom

Boost Communication, Patience & Collaboration

Items You’ll Need: The picture book “Zoom” by Istvan Banyai, which consist of 30 sequential “pictures within pictures.”

Directions: Have your group try to create a unified story from the set of sequential pictures in the book. The pictures should be randomly ordered and handed out. Each individual should have one picture, but cannot show it to others. Once a consensus has been achieved, have everyone reveal their cards. This activity requires plenty of communication, as well as trying to understand from another’s point of view.

In today’s world, most companies focus only on making their customers happy, often forgetting their most valuable asset – their employees. But boosting the bonds among your team through team-building activities will not only improve morale, but also the success of your business, as well.

If part of the reason your team is not operating at optimal efficiency is because it’s stretched too thin, THE RIGHT STAFF can help. As one of the best recruitment firms in Minnesota and beyond we know where to look to find top candidates for a variety of positions. We can also help you screen, interview, and skill test them to help ensure you find the right people for your organization. Contact us today to learn more!

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