Understanding Different Types of Staffing in Minnesota

The Minnesota economy is booming, which means that employers throughout the area are dusting off their strategic staffing plans and working hard to accurately predict their upcoming employment needs.  Knowing what work your business faces and who you’ll need is only half the battle.  The other half is knowing what staffing options exist and which ones are best for your needs.  Here’s an overview:

Project Placement Staffing

Commonly known as “temp staffing,” project placement focuses on matching qualified candidates to a business’s specific short-term or project-based needs.  Whether a project lasts a month or a year, project placement staffing may fit the bill if specialized skill categories are required in order to get the work done.  This type of staffing also helps businesses manage peak cycles, or vacations or medical leave taken by permanent staff.  Since your staffing firm handles the paperwork and many types of training, onboarding is simpler and staff are better able to fill the gaps with fewer stumbles.

Project-to-Hire Staffing

Have a short- or long-term project, but suspect you’ll continue to need the skills and staff required even after the project has completed?  Project-to-hire staffing, also known as “temp to perm,” allows companies to spread hiring costs over a larger period of time while completing essential tasks today.  The arrangement also allows companies and candidates to get to know one another by offering a project-based “trial run” before the two decide whether the work relationship is good fit for each of them.  Project-to-hire offers the flexibility of project-based staffing with the opportunity to turn a good short-term relationship into a great long-term one.

Direct Hire and Search Placement

If you know you need to add a permanent staff position, a recruiting firm can help you create a higher-quality candidate pool in less time.  Recruiters who specialize in the industry or field know the top talent available and can handle many of the screening tasks required to determine whether a candidate will be a good potential “fit” with the organization.  They also know where to find “passive candidates” – talent who are already working, but who would accept a position with a new employer if the opportunity was right.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, our experienced recruiters tailor our approach for each client, so you get better talent under conditions that best fit your business needs.  Contact us today to learn more about our staffing services in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

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