How to Spot and Avoid Job Scams

The recent economic downturn brought scammers crawling out of the woodwork, seeking to prey on job seekers.  Even though the economy is looking up, many of these scams are still operating.

When you know the most common “red flags” that indicate a job scam, you can more easily avoid them.  If you have questions about a particular job posting, talk to your recruiter.  Staffing firms handle hundreds of job postings every week, and they have a keen sense of when a posting is a scam versus when it is legitimate.

Here are some ways to identify job postings that are actually scams:

1. They want you to pay money to get a job.

Whether you respond to an ad or the “employer” contacts you, think twice if they tell you that you have to pay a fee in order to land the job. These include fees for “certification” or “training materials,” as well as any fee that is said to cover the expenses of placing you with a company.  Legitimate employers and above-board recruiting firms never ask you to pay them in order to be hired.  In fact, your recruiter will work as an ally to help you find the best fit for your skills, your work style, and your career goals at no cost to you.

2. They want your credit card or bank account information.

Some employers will run a routine credit check when they screen candidates for certain jobs. However, no employer needs your credit card or bank account information in order to run this or any other screening.  Never give your financial information to anyone unless you know and trust the business and you have agreed to pay for a specific product or service.

3. The ad makes claims that seem too good to be true or don’t match what you already know about the job market.

Ads that claim you’ll make thousands per month for part-time, “work from home” tasks are almost certainly a scam. Regardless of the pay, hours, or work environment involved, a legitimate job ad will almost certainly ask you to send a resume, references, or other application materials – and it will list the basic job duties, so you can determine whether you are qualified for the job before you apply.  One of the best parts of working with a recruiter is the expert help you get matching your resume and credentials to legitimate job descriptions from companies whom your recruiter knows well.

The experienced Twin Cities recruiters at THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC can help you spot and avoid job scams while steering you toward companies that offer a great fit for your skills, expertise, and career goals.  Contact us today to learn more.

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