The Number-One Secret to Hire Quickly in the Twin Cities

Business planning is a must, but even the best business plans can’t prevent the unexpected.  When you need to fill a skills gap, replace a valued team member, or address an immediate business challenge, you need the right talent and you need to choose the best candidate quickly.  But how?

Hiring can eat massive amounts of time, and hiring managers often find themselves overwhelmed with the tasks involved.  Often, hiring is piled on top of a manager’s already full schedule.  To reduce workload and speed the time between “we need someone!” and “when can you start?”, work with a recruiter who specializes in placing people in your industry.

What makes your staffing partner your number-one secret to a quick, effective hire?

1. Staffing firms know people.

Recruiters specialize in relationships.  When you need to hire a new staff member, chances are good that your recruiter knows a number of people who will fit the bill – and that your recruiter knows them not merely as job titles, but as people.  This means that your staffing firm can recommend only those candidates who offer a good cultural “fit” with your organization, leading to a better pool of candidates in less time.

Staffing firms also specialize in tapping the hidden pool of “passive” candidates.  These candidates are already employed by competing companies, but they’re open to a job change if the right opportunity presents itself.  When you offer the right opportunity, you access these experienced candidates.

2. Staffing firms know your needs.

Recruiters build relationships not only with job seekers and industry professionals, but also with the clients they serve.  They take the time to find out what your organization’s goals are, and to help you project what your needs will be.  Drawing on a keen knowledge of the local economy and the industries they serve, staffing firms focus on building strategic staffing plans that help you find the people you need now and avoid a similar “hiring crunch” in the future.

3. Your recruiter helps reduce your workload.

Candidates who are recommended by your staffing firm have been screened by your recruiter and identified as a potential good fit for your organization.  Often, your recruiter will also check references and carry out other pre-interview checks as well.  This allows your company to focus its efforts on the interview process, allowing it to extend a job offer to a top candidate more quickly.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our recruiters can help you find the people you need – fast!  Contact us today to learn more about our staffing solutions in the Twin Cities.

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