What to Expect in a Temporary Job Interview

As a temporary job seeker, you will undergo two kinds of interviews. Agency interviews and employer interviews. Today we will cover the initial interview with your employment agency. Your recruiter will use this interview to get a general sense of your qualifications and the types of opportunities you are seeking.

Questions You May Be Asked By Your Employment Agency:

Why temporary employment? The staffing specialist will want to know why you are thinking about working with them. Are you at a point in your career where temporary employment suits you best –attending school, maybe or caring for family members? Are you considering a career change and hoping to try different kinds of opportunities to find the one that fits? Or do you just enjoy the flexibility and variety that temporary work has to offer?

Would you be interested in a permanent position? Some employers offer a temporary-to-hire option as well as temporary work. Your staffing agency will want to know if you are interested in full-time work if it is offered. Is your intent to get your foot in the door at a target company? Your agency will want to know, so that they can dissuade you if it’s not an option for this position or to help you with strategies to succeed if permanent employment is a realistic goal.

Do you adapt well to change? In any career, the ability to handle change is a valued asset but in temporary employment, it’s even more critical. You may be asked to try different companies or roles, and your recruiter needs to know if you will be comfortable. However, once you are on assignment, be sure to let your recruiter know if the work the employer asks you to do on the job is substantially different from the job description you received.

When are you available to work? Can you work overtime? These may seem like trick questions, but please, answer these honestly. Your recruiter would much rather know that you can never work Thursdays than to ask and have you repeatedly turn him down. And if other obligations prevent you from working overtime, let him know. Placing you in a position that demands a lot of overtime when you need to leave by five is awkward for you, him and the employer.

Take the interview as seriously as you would for a full-time permanent job. The recruiter will assess your appearance, skills and personality based on your screening interview and determine which, if any, of his clients you will be a match for.

Having a skilled recruiter in your corner can give you an advocate in your job search and help you with your long-term career goals. At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our experienced recruiters can help you find the right job and prepare you for the employer interview. If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us today, or apply for one of our many temporary job opportunities in the Twin Cities.

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