In Hiring, Look for a Solution, Not a Temporary Fix

Hiring begins with a need.  You’ve identified work that must be done or capabilities your organization requires to thrive.  When you hire, you have the chance to find a long-term solution, not a temporary fix.

Hiring with solutions in mind has several benefits.  Looking for a solid long-term fit improves your company’s productivity, fills one or more “skills gaps,” and reduces the burdensome costs of employee turnover.

How can you create a solution-based hiring process?  Consider working with a staffing firm that specializes in your industry and places top talent in your geographic area.  When you work with a staffing partner to create long-term hiring solutions, you get a partner with expertise in:

  • Identifying the best candidates.  Staffing firms build extensive networks in their industries and locales.  They know the best professionals in your industry, including both the established players and the “rising stars.”  Every time a staffing partner seeks candidates for a long-term hiring solution, they tap into this network to recommend the best talent for their particular clients.  They also connect with “passive” job seekers: workers who are already actively contributing to their field, but who are willing to move to a new employer if the fit is right.
  • Understanding and predicting market trends in your industry.  Staffing firms know the top professionals in their field.  They also know the industries they serve.  Because staffing partners specialize in connecting companies and candidates, they keep a sharp eye on emerging trends within the industry.  Their extensive knowledge helps them offer superior assistance and results to every client.
  • Creating strategic staffing plans.  Your staffing partner knows that when you look for a direct-hire candidate, you need a solution, not just a temporary fix.  That’s why they offer more than just one-time staffing services.  Your staffing partner can also help your organization create a strategic staffing plan that considers both your company’s sustainable growth needs and your industry’s growth patterns to predict and plan for your hiring needs now and in the future.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our experienced recruiters partner with top companies to connect them to the high-quality candidates they need to staff long-term positions in Minneapolis and beyond.  Contact us today to learn more!

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