Five Signs Your Internal Hiring Team Needs Help

At some point in its life, every business needs to hire one or more people to meet growth needs and other demands.  If your internal hiring team isn’t adequately prepared for the hiring process, however, they may find themselves wasting time on bad interviews – or worse, making a bad hire.

How can you tell if your internal hiring team needs help?  Consider these five signs:

  1. The hiring process drags. Good hiring takes time, but if the hiring process for a single individual has gone on for several weeks or months, your hiring team may be struggling.  Ask your hiring team why the process is struggling: a lack of good candidates, lack of training in efficient ways to sort through applications, poor interview skills, or a job posting that doesn’t match the skills actually required on the job can all drag down the process.  Working with a staffing partner can both improve the quality of the candidate pool and speed up the hiring process.
  2. Nobody remembers which candidate is which. Even the best hiring managers must keep adequate documentation at each stage of the hiring process, from the initial phone screening to the decision to make a job offer.  Although inexperienced hiring managers may try to rely on their memories, the fact is that keeping candidates straight is a key part of the process – and documentation is the best way to do it.
  3. The interviews are a flop. Interviews may “flop” for two reasons.  First, the interview may fail to draw out the candidate by posing open-ended questions that encourage the candidate to do no less than half the talking.  Second, the interviewer may fail to adequately “sell” the job to the candidate, resulting in interviews that seem to go well but that never result in a candidate who accepts a job offer.  Both problems can often be addressed with training.
  4. The wrong candidate is hired – or no candidate is hired at all. If the wrong candidate is hired, the problem may lie with the job posting, the screening process, or both.  If nobody is hired, your hiring managers may be holding out for the “perfect” candidate without having the capabilities to unearth this candidate.
  5. Hiring managers don’t ask for help. If any of the other signs are present but hiring staff aren’t asking for help, they may not realize how big the problem is, or they may be overwhelmed by the process.  Regardless of the cause, an experienced staffing partner can help your internal hiring team improve the quality of candidates and increase the accuracy and productivity of their own process.

At THE RIGHT STAFF, LLC, our experienced staffing partners can help your internal hiring team find the right people for the job.  Contact us today to learn how we can assist your recruiting and hiring needs!

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