Job Outlook in the Twin Cities: What’s In Store for the Coming Year?

Hiring in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area may be on the increase in 2014, according to several studies tracking employment outlook and hiring.  Growth is expected in nearly all public and private sectors, but particularly in the areas of engineering and information technology (IT).

According to the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, overall employment in the state of Minnesota is expected to increase by at least 1.4 percent in the coming year, as the state as a whole adds over 41,00 jobs.  A significant portion of these jobs will be filled in the Twin Cities area, where employers in a wide range of industries predict they will need new talent to support the growth of their businesses and increased demands in their industries.

In fact, the Minneapolis-St. Paul area is expected to accrue new jobs at a much higher rate than the state as a whole.  The Department of Employment and Economic Development estimates that long-term growth in the area will lead to a 12 percent increase in new jobs, or an addition of 202,060 jobs within the next five years.

One of the industries expected to add the most new jobs is that of “professional and technical services,” which includes engineering and information technology.  Manufacturing and customer service are also expected to add significant numbers of new jobs.

What Do These Numbers Mean for Job-Seekers and Employers?

Job-seekers in the Twin Cities area are likely to find that 2014 offers more opportunities for finding a position that fits with their skills.  Meanwhile, employers may find it more challenging to find the qualified candidates they need.

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