Employment Gaps on Your Resume? How to Talk About Them in an Interview.

If you’ve been out of the workforce for months or years, your resume will likely show the gap – and your interviewer will almost certainly ask you about it.

Employment gaps may sound bad, but they don’t have to torpedo your job opportunities. Here are some constructive ways to talk about gaps in your work history.

1. Have an answer ready.

You know you have a gap, and you know a recruiter or interviewer will ask you about it – so be prepared.  Whether you were out of work due to a tough economy, to care for an aging parent, to raise children, or for another reason, be ready to explain.

2.  Talk about what you learned.

Very few people take a break from the workforce without taking on another task, whether it’s caring for family, volunteering with a cause that matters to you, or tackling a project at home.  Choose one or two of the biggest things you did while you were out of work and offer to talk about them.  For instance, perhaps raising your children gave you great time-management abilities, or volunteering to build houses in low-income neighborhoods taught you the finer points of electrical work. And don’t forget to mention any extra education or certifications you earned while you were out of work.

3.  Be honest.

You don’t have to spill every detail of your time out of work, but don’t lie or omit important facts, either. If you chose to leave your previous job, say so. If you were laid off, be honest about this as well.  Unemployment itself isn’t a bad thing, and being honest about your circumstances shows integrity and confidence – two skills that employers prize.

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