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Tag: How to Attract Top Talent

Not Enough Applicants? 8 Incentives All St. Paul Companies Should Offer

September 22nd, 2021
Not Enough Applicants? 8 Incentives All St. Paul Companies Should Offer | The Right Staff

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, your company may be struggling to attract job candidates. Since the best talent has a variety of opportunities available, you need your organization to stand out from all the rest. This will draw the attention of skilled job seekers and encourage them to want to work for you.   Eight… Read more »

How to Craft (and Manage) Your Employment Brand

June 4th, 2015

In a tough hiring market, simply posting a job opening and waiting for applicants isn’t enough to attract top talent. Instead, companies seeking to find candidates who offer the right skills and the right cultural “fit” must build a strong employment brand. Your organization’s employer brand tells candidates, customers, and stakeholders what you value most… Read more »

Why (And How!) Top Talent Can Be a Great Referral Source

August 8th, 2014

mployee referral programs have exploded in recent years, becoming one of the top ways in which companies find new people. Although employee referrals offer a multitude of benefits, focusing your efforts on encouraging top talent to contribute their share of referrals offers a much greater return on investment than asking for referrals indiscriminately. Here’s why.… Read more »