THE RIGHT STAFF had the best health insurance plan for any staffing company that I have worked for so hope you bring this to the attention of prospective clients!

-Doug M.

Our Hiring Process

We’ve earned a reputation for providing our clients with the best candidates for their open positions. And it all starts here.

The Consultation: Whether you apply online or in person, the process begins with a review of your resume. Our staff needs to understand your background, skills and career goals, and determine which assessments you need to take.

The First Interview: We ask you to come in to your closest local office to meet with your assigned recruiter. This is when we’ll start discussing your skill set, your needs and your work personality.

The Paperwork: We require all candidates to complete our new hire forms, including drug screen and background check consent forms, and present acceptable hiring documents.

The Reference Check: You will not be considered available for employment until a minimum of two professional references are contacted.

Orientation: When we find the right job opportunity for you, we’ll give you a customized orientation. This includes, but is not limited to: dress codes, safety rules, and other information that will help you feel comfortable on the new job.

The Second Interview: We schedule your interview with the prospective employer. We’ll provide interview assistance, from coaching to filling you in on the background of the company.

Follow Up: THE RIGHT STAFF conducts a first-day check with you and your immediate supervisor to make sure you’re both comfortable with the placement. We stay in touch with you throughout your assignment and conduct follow-up checks based on the supervisor’s needs and preferences.

It’s always the right time to get started on your next opportunity! Contact THE RIGHT STAFF today!