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Category: Retention Strategies

How You Can Make the Onboarding Process Better for New Hires

July 26th, 2019

When new hires first join a business, training can be long and confusing. They may struggle or experience undue stress as they attempt to do their work, only to run up against an unfamiliar environment. To reduce the time it takes for new hires to get comfortable with their work in your organization, focus on… Read more »

The Recruiting Tools of the Modern Minnesota Business

July 31st, 2018

Business is changing faster than ever; so are the ways in which Minnesota businesses recruit and retain outstanding talent. Here are some of the most important tools in a business’s recruiting toolkit and how to use them effectively. Strategic Staffing Plan Who are you likely to need in the next few months or years? Who… Read more »

How a Skills Development Program Will Set Your Company Apart When Hiring

October 27th, 2017

Skills development programs are one of the most powerful and cost-effective ways a company can continue to expand the abilities, flexibility and creativity of its workforce – if it’s built and managed correctly. A skills development program can also help your company stand out when hiring new candidates. Here’s how. Appeal to top candidates. Top… Read more »

Want to Give Back to the Twin Cities Community? How to Integrate Local Civic Engagement at Your Company

October 6th, 2017

Many companies focus not only on serving their clients, but on serving their communities as well. Here’s how to help your employees become more service-oriented in their work and give back to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Make it easy to give to causes that matter. It’s said that people don’t give to charities; they give… Read more »

When a Top Employee Resigns, Here’s What to Do

September 22nd, 2017

When one of your best people announces their departure, it can send shock waves through the rest of the organization. Even if the resigning employee continues to turn in outstanding work until the last day, other members of the team may see their productivity dip as the destabilizing nature of the news impacts them. Here’s… Read more »