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Category: Job Hunting Tips and Tricks

Job Openings Are at a High: 3 Tips for Minnesota Job Seekers with Many Options

October 6th, 2021
Job Openings Are at a High 3 Tips for Minnesota Job Seekers

The significant number of job opportunities in Minneapolis makes this a great time to find a new one. Although it is good to have choices, it can be challenging to decide which option may be best for you. Narrowing down what you are looking for can help you focus your time and find exactly the… Read more »

Resume Gaps? How to Explain Gaps in Your Resume Post Pandemic

September 1st, 2021
Resume Gaps? How to Explain Gaps in Your Resume Post Pandemic | The Right Staff

If you had to take time away from the workforce due to the coronavirus pandemic, know that you are not alone. Hiring managers understand that millions of employees stopped working for personal, professional, or health-related reasons. As a result, talking about employment gaps on your resume should not be as difficult as you reenter the… Read more »

Graduating from College in Minnesota? How to Land Your First Job Fast

April 8th, 2021

Getting ready to receive your college degree? Congratulations!   College graduation is a time to celebrate, but it’s also a time of change and uncertainty. You’ve dedicated years of your life to building new relationships and learning new skills. Now it’s time to expand your horizons and put those skills to work in the real world.  … Read more »

Applying for a Job? How to Stand Out from Other Candidates in Minnesota

March 18th, 2021

Any job search can be difficult. When you apply to any one job, you may be competing with hundreds of other candidates for that same position.   Minnesota is a fast-growing US state, which means its job markets are also competitive. To be seen by hiring companies, it’s important to stand out from the average… Read more »

Brooklyn Park Career Spot Light: Technical Customer Service

March 11th, 2021

Technology has become commonplace in many areas of our lives. As new technological solutions appear for common everyday tasks, however, they can also baffle the people seeking to implement these tools to make their lives easier.   Technical customer service specialists, also known as technical support representatives, help answer questions about equipment and products.   What Does… Read more »