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Want to Give Back to the Twin Cities Community? How to Integrate Local Civic Engagement at Your Company

October 6th, 2017

Many companies focus not only on serving their clients, but on serving their communities as well. Here’s how to help your employees become more service-oriented in their work and give back to the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.

Make it easy to give to causes that matter.

It’s said that people don’t give to charities; they give to causes. Make it easy for staff to give back by allowing them to choose a cause that matters to them. For instance, you might create a dollar matching program in which your company matches donations to charities the employees choose.

Make it easy to participate.

Streamlining the hiring process gets you better candidates; streamlining the civic engagement process gets you more engaged employees. Make it easier for staff to get on board the giving bandwagon by creating simple signups for charity events, designating a “giving back” billboard with information, and creating other tools to make it easier to participate.

Mobilize on short notice.

Charitable engagement occurs when people see a problem and want to make a difference—and if they can’t respond right away, helplessness and frustration can immobilize them. When a problem is sudden, like a national disaster, it can be tough to mobilize assistance unless you’re ready to do so. Designate a person to create a charitable response plan for sudden emergencies or events and to implement it when the moment comes.

Make it a game.

Charity walks or sporting events are a great way to foster teambuilding and friendship while also working toward a great cause in your community. Or, to raise money within the office for a good cause, consider creating some friendly staff games that operate as fundraisers. Games like “Minute to Win It” or Penny Wars can help you raise money for charity while staff have fun and build a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie.

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